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Below is the curriculum to our School.  We pride ourselves in preparing Equine Dental Practitioners and Equine Dental Providers for the workplace.  This is a highly skilled position that requires many hours of classroom learning, many hours of hands on supervised floating experience, horsemanship skills, and a large horse network. If horses are your passion, this might be for you.

Classes are Held

TBA, 2020

Held at

21000 Interstate-27

Canyon, Tx    79015

TBA, 2020

Held at

21000 Interstate-27

Canyon, Tx    79015

Followed by IAED Certification Test

TBA, 2021

Held at

21000 Interstate-27

Canyon, Tx    79015

TBA, 2021

Held at

21000 Interstate-27

Canyon, Tx    79015

School Information

ED101 - Beginning Equine Dentistry - $4,600

ED201 Intermediate Equine Dentistry - $2,500

ED250 Equine Dentistry Wet Lab - $500

ED301 Advanced Equine Dentistry - $1,000

280 Course Hours (Contact Hours) in 10 Days

Course Hours
Classes -   8am-5pm

(Lunch Break 12pm-1pm) 

Breaks  -   10am-10:10am



ED 101 – Beginning Equine Dentistry
The prerequisites for this class are Basic Horsemanship Skills and Basic knowledge of the Equine. Students will learn the basic anatomy of the Head, Neck, and Dentition of the Equine, learn the procedures used in correcting problems associated with the equine dentition, and will gain hands on experience in correcting those problems.


ED 201 – Intermediate Equine Dentistry
The prerequisites for this class are ED101 or a similar course and practical experience in the field as a beginning Equine Dental Practitioner performing 25-50 procedures.


ED 250 – Equine Dentistry Wet Lab
The prerequisite for this class is ED 201.


ED 301 – Advanced Equine Dentistry
The prerequisites for this class is ED101, ED201 &


ED250. Students must represent the skill level and proficiency in ED250 to pass the program, in order to be eligible for ED301.


Course of Instruction

Equine Dental Training Program

Students will learn the skills required to not only Float the Buccal and lingual aspects of the Equine’s Dentition, but also correct the malocclusions associated with the Equine’s Dentition in a captured environment. A certain level of Horsemanship is required, and will also be instructed, in order to perform these manipulations. Graduating students can expect to seek job offers in the Veterinarian Technician field specializing in Equine Dentistry, job offers from Equine Dental Professionals as an Equine Dental Assistant, as
well as building a business as a self-employed practitioner seeking a license from the Texas Veterinary Board of Medical Examiners. This license will be attainable following
the Final Semester of this program for qualified candidates.

Before completion of the course, a student must be able to complete an equine dental procedure from start to finish without assistance in a satisfactory time (under 1 hour), with satisfactory results (Success Rate of 80%). Upon completion of the course, a student will receive a Certificate of Completion from the “Equine Dental School of Texas” as being a capable practitioner, and will then be eligible for testing for State

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Approved and Regulated by the Texas Workforce Commission, Career Schools and Colleges, Austin, Texas.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Room and Board Included?

Room and Board are not Included? Room accommodations are as Follows. We do have Hookups and Stalls available at $10/day. Best Western Palo Duro - Canyon, Tx - $65 (3 Miles) Holiday Inn Express - Canyon, Tx (3 Miles) Buffalo Inn - Canyon, Tx - $59 (4 Miles) Motel 6 - Amarillo, Tx - $44 (9 Miles)

How many Horses will I work on?

You will work on 9-10 Horses under Supervision of a Certified Equine Dental Practitioner.

Do I need to buy Tools before I come to class? How much are Tools?

We provide the Tools for your First Class. We encourage you to buy your tools while you are at School so we can help get you set up and going. Base price for a set of Tools is about $5,000 for Brand New. We have a list of Vendors that have put packages together, but we prefer that you choose which brand and which tools that you like.

Will I be able to go to Work when I leave?

Equine Dentistry is regulated by State Law, Every state law is different. We encourage you to research the Law in your State. Practicing on your own horse is legal in every state. Although you will have the skill level of a beginner, you will have the knowledge and practical experience to understand the level of difficulty that you can perform. Referrals and assistance from other professionals are highly recommended at this level.

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21000 Interstate-27

Canyon, Tx  79015

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