Aging Horses by Their Teeth is our Specialty

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Aging Horses by their teeth has been around since 600 BC. This skill was passed down from Generation to Generation until the Industrial Revolution. We specialize in teaching Students to Age Horses.

We have daily Horse Aging Competitions to Sharpen your skills and increase your competence.


Computerized Horse Aging Program.

We like teaching Aging so much, we not only teach our students to age by dentition, we also taught a Computer to Age Horses by pictures of their dentition.

How did we do that?

We analyzed 500 images (like the image below) of the occlusal surface of the Lower Incisors and 500 images of the occlusal surface of the Upper Incisors. In this analysis, we monitored the changing shape of the tooth, the changing shape of the Cup, and the changing shape of the Dental Star. We use Computer Vision to recognize the shape, and Artificial Intelligence to analyze the shapes and then relate them back to the horses age.

Does it really work?

It has been amazingly accurate...

We showcased it in an Aging Contest at an International Equine Dentistry Conference. CHAP gives its estimation in a 3 year range, like 8-10 or 9-11 Years Old. CHAP estimated correctly on all 10 images and was used on every horse by the Champion of the Competition.

We'd love to teach you how to Age Horses!

Aging Horses has always been a passion of mine. If you've always wanted to learn how to Age Horses, your at the right place...

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